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Prepare yourself for an epic journey to a foreign planet, where you’ll see the most spectacular foliage on this side of the galaxy. Upon your arrival, you’re greeted with the magnificent lights, sounds, and colors of this majestic world.  Giant trees tower over the vegetation below and the moon provides a fantastic setting!  Let the adrenaline flow and the action begin.

Join A League

The fog rolls in… colored lights pulsate randomly.. a steady heavy beat begins and soon so will the action!

Yes!  We are organizing Laser Tag Leagues!  Looking for an organized event with the opportunity to achieve awards and socialize with your friends?  Then look no further!  Ask about our Laser Tag leagues today!


Laser Tag

Monday thru Friday:  11a to midnight
Saturday: Noon to 1am
Sunday:  1pm to midnight

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You Can Have A
24-Player Laser Tag Party!

Did you know that you can plan a Laser Tag party for your group?  We have several Party Packages that include 24-Player Laser Tag!  See more info when you click “Parties”.

Spin Bumpers

Enjoy Spin Bumpers when you’re done bowling or before that game of Laser Tag.  Get dizzy!  Add Spin Bumpers to ANY party package for an additional $5 per person.

Our current hours:
Mondays-- 5p-10p
Tuesdays -- 10a-10p
Wednesdays -- 12p-10p
Thursdays -- 10a-10p
Fridays -- 12p-11p
Saturdays -- 12p-11p
Sundays -- 1p-10p
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